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Reasons to move to Talbot

In 2007 the Weekly Times ran a feature on Talbot's revival, asking "What is it about this little town, perched on the edge of hard old gold country, that pulls savvy business types and human curios from cities"? 

To find out, in early 2009 we ran a survey inviting everyone who'd moved to the area to tell us their reasons for moving and advice for others contemplating the same move. Below we share the results.   

If you're thinking of making a "tree change", please do consider Talbot - there are all kinds of properties available, and we'd love to have you join us.  


Why did you move here?

Peace and quiet, affordable property, an escape from the rat race - but not *too* far removed from urban centres... These are all reasons people come to Talbot:

We moved to Talbot for the peace and quiet, the community, and because it was cheap to purchase property. And only 150kms to a capital city!

Got sick of living in the Big Smoke -- too noisy, too smelly, too crowded, too many people -- just wanted some peace and quiet, fresh air and tranquility

I saw an ad in the paper of a small farm which looked perfect. I hoped we would be able to grow our own vegetables, have clean air, peace and quiet and a healthy life style

I liked the feel of Talbot, its proximity to a larger centre (Maryborough) and also not that far from Ballarat

The ability to grow my own vegetables, and become part of a caring community that is rebuilding itself

Living in the country and not in a 'cement city' - the slower, peaceful lifestyle, open spaces and the central positioning

We moved here as a tree change and for retirement and to be near family, in a well serviced rural environment

We moved to run a vineyard

We were drawn by the return of long forgotten nationalism and a return to long lost family roots

We loved the thought of living in a rural area. The peace and tranquility was our attraction


What do you like about living here?

On the whole, life in Talbot has lived up to people's expectations, with local community support and friendliness singled out for praise by almost everyone:

You can see a sky full of stars, hear all the different birds at dawn, and kangaroos hopping through the paddocks. We take bush walks and push bikes on all the tracks that run through the dense gum forests. The lifestyle is great, and your neighbours are always friendly and helpful. Everyone sticks together

I didn't know there was so much to do, learn and experience here, I had thought it would be too quiet sometimes. I really like how the local communities support each other

The people are friendly and helpful and it is just a very laid back place to be

Although newcomers we felt very welcome in the community

I just love where I'm living and have got to know a few people in Talbot, meeting up with them fairly regularly, even though I work full-time out of the area. I have been able to join a couple of community groups with similar interests to my own

Having a smaller kinder/school within walking distance was a bonus for our younger boys, and the fantastic sporting facilities - all within close proximity

We didn't have much money, so bought a block of land and built our own house from mudbricks and secondhand materials. A lot of work, but the satisfaction of 'doing it yourself' is just enormous. Now we sit on the warm autumn nights (roll on winter and warm autumn nights!) out on the verandah, watching the sun set over the distant hills, wine glass in hand and say to each other, "I wonder what the poor people in Melbourne are doing tonight?" Life doesn't get much better than this


Is there anything you don't like or wish you'd known before you moved here?

Of course, nowhere is perfect, and it's better to know about any potential downsides before you take the plunge. So, we also asked people if there was anything they didn't like about life in Talbot, or wished they'd known before they came.

Some were surprised by the weather:

Unfortunately the length of the drought has surprised us

The summers are very hot and the winters are very cold

Some have been disappointed by 'small town politics':

The occasional pettiness of a small community was no surprise, but is still sometimes frustrating and bothersome

Don't particularly like the 'factions' in town. There is a place for all sides of arguments, but some seem to make it all into a big fight and I don't like that

I was surprised by the number of organisations that, although all working for the same goal (to make Talbot a better place), seem to be against each other!

Some found themselves faced with unexpected practical hurdles:

I wish I had learnt more about farming. When I arrived I thought that grass was green stuff that looked pretty with black and white cows standing on it. It is a steep learning curve

We had a bad experience when we first got here, when the jobs we had organised before we came disappeared and there were no jobs to be had in the area. We found we couldn't go onto Social Security benefits for 3 months, because we had come from an area of high employment (Melbourne) to an area of low employment. That was a testing time, but we got through it ok

The lack of access to public transportation is a problem - the children, especially the older children, are stranded if their parents/friends are busy

If you are thinking of building in the centre of Talbot you may not be able to because there is no sewerage, and the lack of water can be a problem


What advice would you give others considering moving here?

Finally, we asked people for their advice to others contemplating making a move to Talbot:

Come spend some time in each of the seasons, meet and mix and consider before say a purchase of property

Like moving anywhere - visit first. Read the local newspapers - Maryborough Advertiser and TTT newsletter to get a feel for what goes on. Talk to locals in the cafe - they are always very friendly!

Tiny towns such as Talbot rely almost exclusively on volunteers - so be prepared to chip in and help

Be prepared to be isolated - although it can be a plus, depending on your work

Do your homework. Have enough money to live on if you can't get work right away

If you are building, make sure you have the oomph to do it and finish it!

Look around, ask questions, try a few things in Talbot and the surrounding communities. There will be something you will enjoy


Talbot is a small and growing town with a big heart. Newcomers are warmly welcomed - we'd love to have you join us and be a part of Talbot's rebirth.  

If you think Talbot might be the place for you, please do come and visit, have a chat with people in the cafe or pub... We're generally a friendly bunch and would be happy to help answer your questions. Alternatively, you can email and we'll do what we can to advise. 

NOTE:  If you've already moved to Talbot or the surrounding area but haven't yet shared your thoughts, it's not too late! Please fill in our anonymous survey (click here) and we will add in the next update. Many thanks to everyone who has participated so far.  

This page was last updated on 22 March 2009

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