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Talbot and its surrounding areas have inspired professional artists and amateurs alike.  Below is a selection of videos and photos contributed by visitors and residents.  If you've got photos or video you'd like to add, please get in touch.   


A collection of Talbot photos by Rosie, a local photographer and manager of The Corridor Art Gallery.  
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A walk around Talbot, then and now prepared by local residents to highlight the heritage streetscape and a selection of local shops.  Click to view on YouTube


Shearing day at Ead Farm, 2010 
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Photo shoot at Raging Pigs, featuring John and his farm. John sells his pigs at Talbot Farmers' market and is improving his farm using natural principals including biodynamic composting, green manure cropping and the pigs live free range. Sometimes the pigs enjoy a roll in left over grape skins from Stoney Creek grape oil pressings.
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A photo montage video put together  by a recent guest of Lantern Ghost Tours, highlighting some of Talbot's historic architecture.  Click to view on YouTube

A collection of photos showing Talbot and the surrounding countryside: arranged by location on a map.  Thanks to Julian Kennard and Leah George for contributing the vast majority of the photos. Click to view gallery.

A song for Talbot written by Love Harnell from Sweden.  Click to view on YouTube

Old Talbot postcards: thanks to Anne Schmidt.  Click to view gallery.

Sketches: thanks to artist David Williams.  Click to view gallery.

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